On line dating advice for men: just how to eliminate a new mentality

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The problem with males – indeed: one of the problems with males – is that they do not speak. They always complain about how much we girls fill in the blanks, talk and know how to strike up a conversation on any subject, but they don’t even talk when they should. Try asking them what they think of a book they have read, a film they have seen, in some cases even a football match: you will only receive monosyllables. For this reason, it is useful to always have questions to ask a boy within reach.

Questions that can help melt the ice, get to know each other better and, indeed, start the conversation. They serve above all to gain confidence; and when you enter into confidence, everything is easier.

So here are the most decisive questions in our opinion to ask a guy, both live and via WhatsApp or other chats, in order to help him melt.

As we said, if you’re just starting out with a guy it’s good to get to know him. And the fastest and most effective way to get to know a person is to discover their hopes and weaknesses, past mistakes and dreams for the future. And, above all, understand which of the two weigh the most.

When you are young, you usually live forward. One does not think back to what has been done or not done, also because in reality there has been little time to do it, but rather to what one will do. What profession, what family idea, what city to live in.

There are those who have very clear ideas, even dogmatic, and those who have only a great deal of confusion and are afraid of the future. A time machine would help clarify all of this.

Of course, once the guy in question tells you where he wants to go, you should also ask him why and what to do. And what specific moment would the DeLorean date point to.

Why exactly that date in the past? What happened that was so relevant? And would you try to change things? Or why precisely that date in the future? Where do you think you will be in 10 or 20 years?

Finally, keep in mind also a possible variation on the theme, which we write to you below. The goal is the same, but maybe you might like this shape more.

After a wrist-shaking question, let’s move on to something lighter. Because being together with a boy does not only mean knowing his past or sharing his hopes for the future, but also organizing the evenings, finding meeting points, sharing experiences. And therefore it is important to understand the tastes of your (aspiring) him.

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